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My name is Candelaria.

I am a First-Gen Latina, proud daughter of Mexican immigrants. Navigating life between two worlds, I knew there was more in store for me. 

In 2009, I began my self-development journey after discovering manifestation. Since then, I’ve created the life I’ve always known I’m meant to have.  

I’m here to share everything I’ve learned in my decade long self-development and Spiritual awakening journey with you.


As a Latina Life Coach and First-Gen, I know the limitations placed on our generation stemming from our parents simply surviving in a new country.

When you realize you deserve more, you'll take the necessary actions towards what you want.

When you work with me, you'll create a new path faster. I'll help you shift your beliefs, feel safe in your body, feel unstoppable confidence so you can call in what you want with ease.
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Create the life you know you deserve and is waiting for you.


Increase your happiness and feel more confident in who you are.


Trust yourself more and live on purpose.

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